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The single most comprehensive and cohesive set of low code, super powerful, coding, analysis and automation tools, exclusiveley available on Microsoft Azure...

Go Low Code! Not No Code!

The Microsoft Power platform is now available for ALL Microsoft Customers.

A “Platform as a Service” that is designed specifically to leverage your existing data from Office 365, SharePoint, Dynamics 365, SQL Server, and Microsoft Azure!

Everyone in your business can easily and quickly build basic bespoke mobile apps, build automation to improve productivity, and gain valuable insight to your business and its data – and no technical expertise is needed at all!

Utilise Low-code app development programs like Power Apps and Power Automate to accelerate app development while meeting the unique needs of your business by:

  • Reducing IT backlog while driving innovation across the organisation
  • Empower anyone in the organisation – not just developers – with the ability to create apps with drag and drop simplicity
  • Digitise time-consuming manual, repetitive and paper-based tasks by setting up automated workflows

Enable your teams to achieve faster with connected data, business analytics, and guidance. As your business changes extend existing applications and build new solutions. Infuse the Apps you build with AI, and add insight to your business data using Power BI.

Simple and easy to use drag and drop interface, no coding, with inbuilt guidance to ensure compliance, diagnostics, automatic testing, and Admin tools for visibility.

Superluminal are here to support you on your Power Journey!

The Key features of The Power platform

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The Power Suite of Success

As an example, when Autoglass launched Power Automate and Power Apps, they quickly realised the innovation employees bought, creating apps to deliver streamlined operations and better collaboration. A Weekly Vehicle Safety Condition Checklist app give an additional $1.66 million per year of potential revenue!!! Building the Technical Helpdesk app in-house saved the company $40,000 a year.

The Care Quality Commission use Power Apps as part of their modern care assurance platform. They’ve reduced the time inspectors spend filling out paperwork, with a secure, front-end application.

  • Power Apps

Power Apps

Empower your business to dynamically build, and maintain basic apps for your business! Reduce the time for your organisation to build apps from months to weeks to days!

Build Apps for Android and iOS using “low code”, it’s the next big thing! Empower your team! Unleash Citizen developers! Convert existing investments! Build Apps for internal services using Excel and PowerPoint like skills.

Deploy to production via DevOps, use simple form designers to build data models, both Mobile & Desktop, lean on pro-development for trickier stuff! Leverage existing data from Excel, SharePoint, SQL databases! We can show you how!

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Artificial Intelligence in the Power Suite 2022

Available across mobile, desktop, the possibilities for this radical new technology will inspire new thinking for your business to create true competitive advantage.

There are so many potential areas that benefit from the power of Microsoft AI in the Power Suite, for example a Power Virtual Assistant is an AI BOT that can interact with your customers, logging their issues for you!

Power Automate can bring together a number of tasks you repeat often, and carry them out on your behalf!

As a Microsoft AI Solution Provider, Superluminal has access to the very latest Microsoft AI frameworks to help you build your business an AI powered solution, and specifically to your business requirements.

  • Power Automate

Power Automate

Be more productive. Automatically. Easily add complex Automation to your business! Take productivity to new heights by automating business processes across your organisation. Power Automate allows employees to build and automate workflows across multiple applications and services without the need for a developer.

Create automated workflows in or between your applications and services, get notifications, input data, synchronise files, control other applications, and more. Carry the full power of Power Automate in your pocket. Boost your team’s productivity with Microsoft’s best-in-business workflow automation service.

Power Automate integrates seamlessly with SharePoint and Office 365, so you can create custom, end-to-end solutions, in a familiar environment, for your whole team to enjoy.

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  • Power Virtual Agents

Power Virtual Assistants

Powerful, Adaptable, AI Chatbots for your business! Free up your staff to focus on high value propositions and tasks! Let us show you how to easily and quickly create and deliver powerful automation assistance to your business. Enable Customer service experts, not developers, to create AI chatbots in a few simple steps, to suit their needs and reduce the reliance on developers.

Reduce costs by automating common enquiries and repetitive tasks, free up your customer service agents and teams to deal with complex issues and escalate anything complicated to a live agent!

Revolutionise your customer service with self-help! Enable customers to resolve issues quickly and effectively using the power of the chat bot! For basic BOT’S there is no need for developers, or data scientists, but as your BOT grows you can expand it to take advantage of many more advanced services!

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