Enterprise Cloud Software Development

Here at Superluminal we are software engineers, so we design our software from scratch, constructing critical systems that align to process and hyper charge your business. We can also maintain and upgrade your current Microsoft System or App if its starting to hinder or requires change to meet with business needs...

enterprise cloud software development

Software Engineering at it's very best

We help our clients achieve high growth, improve customer service, and maximise their resources by applying key software solutions.

Our true passion and love for Software Engineering is the driving force at the very heart of our Software Development Division.

We develop a deep understanding of your organisation, so that we can recommend solutions which deliver measurable high impact.

Why work with us?

Using many decades of the highest level of experience we deliver 100% success to your software project. Our processes and Quality Assurance provide guarantees for our software designs.

We are truly experts in the Software Development space, with a wide range of projects completed to much accolade over the last decade, some having been World first's, and featured in the UK Press.

We specialise in providing custom enterprise grade apps, software platforms & line of business systems, interfacing with a broad number of back end micro services, server systems, financial systems, API's etc. and utilising tried and tested, best of breed techniques & Microsoft technology.

Our Founder and handpicked software engineers have previously worked for NASDAQ/LSE/F500 listed Global organisations in Europe and the USA, on systems ranging from 10 to 000000's of users!

We are based in the UK and utilising handpicked, highly trained & educated, reliable and experienced UK or offshore developers, we rapidly prototype and build outstanding Microsoft and Xamarin / .Net Maui Software Products and Applications.

Greenfield Project, or New Features Software Development?

We use an established process which helps us define the outcomes you need, the processes we will enhance and how we will integrate our software solution into your business.

Our initial discussions enable us to recommend and formalise high-level requirements into a written specification. This details the benefits to your business, how the solution will work, full investment and workflow, so you can confidently move forward.

As we progress your project we complete technical planning and specification, design, project planning and milestones.

Using an Agile methodology, our software development enters short sprint phases. At each stage we review progress and ensure we are aligned to the project plan. Our internal Quality Assurance process ensures your software is fully tested to specification requirements and is ready to advance to pre-cloud or pre-production user testing.

With client user testing we glean crucial iteration feedback on the functions and features being built from the most important people in the project, the software users.

From that final process we also identify any bugs or issues that we then resolve prior to final production release. The software we build is then guaranteed from defects as a result of our developers work for a given period, and we then ensure your project has been fully documented and can be maintained accordingly in the future.

Using our Agile design and software process, we can easily accommodate new features, or set of functions as we progress each project.

Our responsive approach ensures we help you avoid costly changes during software development. What a client may think is the tiniest and simplest of difference, can actually create weeks of work.

Not all software developers take this approach, instead choosing “specify, design, develop, test, release” as one big long process. This approach can be incredibly costly to the client if a change or new features are required as code has to be re-written and rest tested, databases have to be re-designed and re-built, often repeating the effort required prior.

The Superluminal Core Software Process

With success after success, this Video demonstrates how we traverse a software project as a Client's technology partner...

Discover how we scrutinize all aspects of a clients software project, how we progress from initial ideas / discussions to the final live release...

We also reveal and highlight key aspects of our Software Design, Build, Test, Release, and Maintain sub processes...

We sincerley hope you find this Video informative, but please remember this is a generic journey for illustrative purposes, no two projects are ever the same, and each project will follow it's own unique and individual path.


We would be very happy to show you examples of how SME businesses in your area are benefitting from our software development services.



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''We have been working with Superluminal for some time now, their expertise in Cloud and Web systems is second to none.''

Super skilled Software Development

Because we are Software Engineers we understand software across a number of very different sub realm's, at a hetrogenous and agnostic level.

Our engineer's knowledgebase has evolved over decades within the Software Industry, across many differing and diverse frameworks and techniques.

This gives us a distinct and clear key advantage over many other vendors, the almost unique, and well proven ability to understand precisely how your project will be constructed, and in the correct technology.

Such a crucial decision can only be trusted to those with such a rich history in Software Engineering.

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