Omni-channel AI Virtual Assistant Development

Experience seamless customer engagement as we place an intelligent, artificial intelligence powered, virtual customer assistant at the heart of your customer journey...

Take customer contact further with OmniChannel AI

With a Superluminal OmniChannel AI solution powering your customer service journey, your business will be fully capable of seamless, multi-channel, multi-language, intelligent conversational journeys with your customers, across all of their favourite channels, e.g. WhatsApp

You will see a step change in customer experience, lower costs and create high value as your people focus on interactions that require their closer attention.

Omnichannel AI connects the digital experience of using computers, tablets, and other smart devices, with the physical world. An intelligent assistant, speeds, simplifies and assimilates the data from all of your resources, into a coherent and unified customer engagement.

What is Omni-channel AI?

Omni-channel AI aggregates all available and very different channels into a single repository of Artificial Intelligence based knowledge that regardless of the origin of the query, always responds to the same standard, in precisely the same way, but is attuned to the channel interface capabilities.

For example, a user might query an appointment, this could be from an SMS text message, a WhatsApp message, a Facebook Messenger message, an Alexa or Google voice query, or a Cloud based device that supports visuals such as an Alexa Home Hub, or Google Home Hub, a Web App, a Mobile App, or a Website!

The Artificial Intelligence (AI) then blends human and computer-based conversations into a seamless experience for your customer. Designed to speed customer enquiries, gather information and enable you to respond efficiently to their needs, AI BOTs enable you to scale your operations, maximise staff resources and improve accuracy of how you gain knowledge of your customers.

By leveraging AI, you can for example use Big Data to drive marketing and sales Automation for your business. With AI, you can also learn about consumer behaviour and make qualified recommendations based on ephemeral data.

The possibilities for this powerful technology are quite literally, endless...

Empowering your team with OmniChannel AI

Intelligent assistants can talk to your customers before passing them to your teams when an AI application continues to support them with dynamic access to your data and use of real-time scripting & common phrase selections to power the conversation, with crucial data on the customer being front and centre.

This reduces the need to type answers, which means faster completion of forms, applications and other documentation.

Customers can be passed back to the intelligent assistant, which can then complete the final stages of your customer enquiry. If they ask further questions, your system will seamlessly continue answering, and will reference back to the full conversation which prevents duplication of questions and data request.

As you can see, these state-of-the-art intelligent assistants are a great way to provide instant and powerful customer service. They are like diligent employees who work 24×7 to ensure your customers are always happy.

Even when you aren’t online, a Superluminal OminChannel AI Virtual Assitant can tackle all of your customers’ questions with ease.

This opens up all kinds of oppurtunities that are only limited to the channels your business operates on and the interface the AI can make to them.

Dynamic, continuous improvements with Microsoft Artificial Intelligence

With well over a dozen channels, the possibilities for this radical new technology will inspire new thinking for your business to create true competitive advantage.

Utilising this one to many user interface, Superluminal can help you to utilise this latest wave of conversational technology across consumer channels, and your internal staff applications.

Over time, your AI system knowledge grows, and provides improved, faster help. As your people dismiss, edit or choose suggested responses, your AI intelligent assistant is ‘trained’ to better handle similar interactions in the future.

As a result your AI is able to self-learn and better connect data and conversation flows to produce outstanding customer interactions. This means that your customers have a personalized experience and you can work with more customers than ever before.

As an OmnniChannel expert, and Microsoft AI Solution Provider, Superluminal has access to the very latest Microsoft frameworks to build your business an AI powered OmniChannel Solution.

This technology is literally exploding, and with it we can help you and your business achieve automation levels unattainable before, and all at the speed of light!

Internal systems OmniChannel AI

OmniChannel is not just an external prospect either, it's perfectly well suited to internal systems.

You can drive new, previously unthinkable efficiencies for your internal processes with you and your team conversing seamlessly and directly to your internal systems. Information retrieval is super fast, super effective and super intuitive.

Much the same as externally, this opens up all kinds of oppurtunities that are literally limited to the data contained in your systems and the interface the AI can make to it.

As a Microsoft Customer, running Microsoft Software, there is quite likeley nowhere your data can hide from the power of a Superluminal Omnichannel AI solution.

And, because OmniChannel AI is automated it is exceptionally cost effective for your business...

How can I use Omni-channel AI?

You will have already experienced Omni-channel AI in many aspects of your life. From retail, banking and other service oriented organisations.

You will have conversed with these systems in text chats bots, spoken intelligent assistants on your phone, and received ‘personalised’ answers to your questions.

When speaking to a ‘real person’ they are guided by intelligent assistants which listen and prompt them in how best to help you.

Rest assured, there will be many ways to bring the benefits of a Superluminal OmniChannelAI solution to your organisation.

Choosing Superluminal and OmniChannel AI

We have extensive experience in extrapulating precise requirements of a new project from our clients.

We work with you to understand your customer engagements and where to streamline them and improve how you help your customers.

Looking at your processes, systems and data sets, we create a mutual understanding for how Omni-channel Ai can seamlessly integrate and augment these, and then create workflows that use your key data as a dynamic asset for your customer conversations.

Why not contact us to today, and find out how you can embrace this opportunity to create a clear space between you and your competitors.

We would be very happy to show you examples of how SME businesses in your area are benefitting from our Omni-Channel AI Development knowledge and expertise.



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''Omni-channel AI is state-of-the art and very complex, Superluminal make it look easy dead easy…''

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