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Are you looking to drive customer engagement? Or maybe you need more efficient teams? Without question, in the 21st Century, a mobile solution for your business will be key to almost everything you do...

Super Mobility for your business

Use of mobile devices has become the de-facto, number 1 choice for accessing information, especially when buying products and services.

If you want your customers to have the best experience of your brand then having a mobile app is essential to your business.

When the full features and capability of a mobile device are utilised by a well thought out and well designed app, the experience is fast, intuitive and fun.

A mobile app can be tailored to a broad number of consumer uses within your business; for example, an app can be used to build loyalty, browse and sell your products, entice new or existing customers with promotions and deals, and enable your business to support click and collect.

A mobile app can also facilitate advanced backend and operational business aligned features and functions such as barcode scanning, augmented reality and training, and up to the second tracking of data or key processes.

Advances in mobile technology and artificial intelligence are now enabling mobile apps to deliver new and advanced features and functions like never before.

Why work with Superluminal?

We specialise in bespoke mobile apps that to align perfectly to the majority of bespoke project requirements.

We don't produce apps using online kit's that a client pay's a monthly fee for. The rigidity and limited use case of these platforms are their obvious downfall.

Our apps are designed and built from scratch, using a well defined, and bespoke software process honed over decades in the software industry.

Dynamic, responsive customer engagement

Mobile apps have the advantage of utilising features and functions such as the camera, contact list, GPS, phone calls, accelerometer, compass, etc.. These mobile device features make the user experience very different from a mobile website, are far more interactive and in many cases, much more fun.

For example, by using their interests, location and usage behaviour, and combining their preferences and how they interact with you, we can show you how you can now provide real-time, geography-specific, custom recommendations and updates to your users.

Also, a Mobile App for your business can further save a customer’s time by remembering their preferences, and using them to take proactive actions on their behalf.

When we build mobile apps we take care of:

Fusing Mobile Apps & Microsoft Artificial Intelligence

With Mobile app technologies and Microsoft AI we can help you to put light years of distance between you and your competitors.

By combining the power of Microsoft AI with Microsoft Azure to build mobile apps, we're working with clients to gain a huge edge over their competitors.

For example, our next generation mobile app designs can process AI on the mobile device with custom computer vision models in both Tensorflow, and CoreML. This enables us to perform facial recognition and object detection without the Cloud, but then also inter-connect with Microsoft Azure Cloud powered back end services such as REST API's.

We're also building the next generation of Superluminal designed mobile Apps powered by the latest Microsoft AI and Microsoft Azure Cognitive services. These state of the art Xamarin Apps reliably process text input, voice input, scan for and detect anomalies in that data, transform and translate language in real time, and detect sex, age, race, gender in images or video... the outcomes are endless.

There has never been a better time to explore the possibility of integrating AI into your mobile apps with the help of Superluminal.

Release your creative impact with Superluminal apps

A Mobile App from Superluminal, uses the latest advances in mobile technology to maximise your customer’s experience. This includes creative branding to really create impact.

Why rely on a browsers restrictive features, such as ‘back button,’ ‘refresh button,’ and ‘address bar’ to perform even the most elementary functions?

Our mobile Apps don’t have any of these restrictions, and we can develop intuitive and fun designs which lock into advanced gestures like ‘tap,’ ‘swipe,’ ‘drag,’ ‘pinch,’ ‘hold,’ and more.

Get in touch today to see how we can help your stand out from the crowd...

We would be very happy to show you examples of how SME businesses in your area are benefitting from our mobility software development services.



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Super skilled Software Development

Because we are Software Engineers we understand software across a number of very different sub realm's, at a hetrogenous and agnostic level.

Our engineer's knowledgebase has evolved over decades within the Software Industry, across many differing and diverse frameworks and techniques.

This gives us a distinct and clear key advantage over many other vendors, the almost unique, and well proven ability to understand precisely how your project will be constructed, and in the correct technology.

Such a crucial decision can only be trusted to those with such a rich history in Software Engineering.

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