ASP.Net | ASP Core Framework

Trusted by almost every big business around the globe to build dynamic web sites and apps, if organisations such as UPS base their business on it, they can’t be wrong...

Your Secure & Scalable on-line presence

You can be assured that your business is in safe hands with Superluminal and Active Server Pages - Microsoft’s ‘go to’ Cloud Software Technology

This state-of-the-art Software Development Framework is specifically designed to produce highly stable and highly scalable, dynamic Web Pages, Apps, and App Services that can be interconneected with secure API's and Cloud based services with ease.

The need for flexible on-line solutions are driven by many factors including changes to legislation, new ventures and business expansion which is where ASP comes into its own.

No other Framework has the capability, connectivity, or integration that ASP offers. Whether your solution is on premise, off premise, or Cloud based, the entire Microsoft Stack and Services suite can be connected to, along with other key Vendors offerings such as Oracle, Google, or Apple, and even Facebook.

As experts in the ASP.Net & ASP Core Frameworks, our team have been working on these opportunities by applying outstanding solutions using these frameworks for decades (ASP, ASP.NET) and years (ASP Core).

We support the following key Microsoft ASP technologies, langauges, data stores and integration technology:

ASP, ASP.NET, ASP Core, C#, VB, Blazor, Razor, SQL Server, SSIS, SSRS, WCF, Web API and much more

  • Core features of Microsoft ASP
  • accessible anywhere Accessable anywhere
  • endless possibilities Endless possibilities
  • cross platform support Cross platform support
  • security and framework Security and reliability

Superluminal – your ultra-safe pair of ASP hands!

For decades our team have presided over a significant number of ASP projects, at the highest of software engineering levels.

Superluminal can confidently demonstrate our prowess and proven pedigree in this technology and arena.

You can trust Superluminal to absoluteley create the right software solution for your requirements with Microsoft ASP.Net/Core.

Utilising ASP technology such as Razor Pages, LINQ, Entity Framework, AJAX, Signal-R, we build new and state of the art Progressive Web Apps, Line of Business Apps, and Mobile Apps for any business scenario with this truly awesome technology.

Superluminal – your ultra-safe pair of Legacy ASP hands

Having been working on this technology since its preview and then inception, we will almost certainly know of, or will have experienced and resolved pretty much every common issue or idiosyncrasy know to the ASP Community!

We regularly maintain existing systems and apps built in ASP, supporting as far back as ASP 1.0 (1996!) - through to ASPX Web Forms (2002!), MVC & WCF (2006), Web API & OWIN (2013).

Do you have any existing ASP, ASP.NET, ASP Core investments that you need some help with? If so, we can develop your business ideas, align them to your software and maximise your existing investment. Visit our software maintenance page to find our more.

asp core framework legacy

We would be delighted to show you examples of how SME businesses in your area are benefitting from our ASP.Net and ASP Core development skills.


Watch an ASP.Net/Core Demo Here


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