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Use you existing team to build your own basic Mobile & Web Apps, build Microsoft AI powered customer service BOT'S, create automation routines and banish repititive tasks!

Low-code can be your code!

Radically reduce development costs and delivery, drive agility, and promote innovation in your business.

Put the power of the people in their own hands with Low-code solutions from Superluminal Software.

Using graphical user interfaces and configuration instead of traditional hand-coded computer programming, a low-code development platform enables an easier, less technical approach to creating application software.

It’s time to Go Low-code! Not No Code! It’s the next big thing and here at Superluminal we are ready to guide and help you in a transition to Low-code!

How can you take advantage of Low-code?

  • Reducing IT backlog while driving innovation across the organisation
  • Empower anyone in the organisation – not just developers – with the ability to create apps with drag and drop simplicity
  • Digitise time-consuming manual, repetitive and paper-based tasks by setting up automated workflows

Without any software development experience, your people can quickly and easily deliver productivity and efficiencies into your operations. We can help them build functional, bespoke basic mobile apps, which help you gain valuable insight to your business and its data.

With no technical expertise, by working with Superluminal your people will learn how to improve your business processes using the Low-code framework Microsoft Power Suite.

Superluminal are here to support you and your team of Citizen Developers on your Low-code Journey!

The Key features of Low-code!

Delivering success with Digital Automation

Evolving processes that drive organisations forward require software resources far in advance of previous levels, and is way out of their development scope, timescales, budget, and reach.

Compromising a developing businesses competitive advantage and the risk of being less adept and agile to meet your customer or staff needs is a common occurrence.

Focusing software engineers and developers on existing applications and platforms means that they are severely limited in how they support new ideas and processes.

The game changer is Low-code! A most exciting turning point in the history of software development.

artificial intelligence cutting edge technology
artificial intelligence automation

The ease of using Low-code to build Apps, Automation, and Virtual Assistant BOT’s

Low-code uses Excel and PowerPoint-like skills to leverage your data-sources in Azure, Excel, SharePoint, SQL Server, and beyond.

By using existing investment in staff skills training, non-developers aptly named “Citizen Developers” can use ‘drag and drop’ style working and simple form designers to build data models, through to the digitisation of paper-based processes to alleviate the need for manual data entry. For example, everyone’s favourites; expenses, timesheets etc.

The applications your teams build are also safeguarded, as Low-code has inbuilt guidance to ensure compliance, diagnostics, automatic testing, and an Admin tool for visibility into who’s doing what, where, and when.

With our know-how and guidance, you can confidently drive the effectiveness of your processes with new tools which streamline and mould them. We help you use simple form designers to build data models, deploy to production via Dev Ops, and then publish your apps quickly and efficiently to Mobile & Desktop, & The Cloud.

If and when you need us, you can lean on our vast pro-development for the trickier stuff!

It’s has never ever been easier to develop your business using the power of Low-code technology.

The Low Code benchmark for success

The Forrester Total Economic Impact study for Power Apps and Power Automate, commissioned by Microsoft, concluded that organisations that adopt both technologies realise an ROI of 362%, reduce development costs by 70%, increase business process efficiency by 15% and recoup their investment in only three months.

Surely that’s a conversation starter!

Low-code brings a host of benefits to yor business

Impact your business with Low-code and Superluminal

You can meet the unique needs of your organisation by, faster and at reduced costs by turning to low-code app development programs like Power Apps and Power Automate to accelerate app development:

Who’s using Low Code and why?

The use of Low-code is literally exploding everywhere!

Virgin Atlantic, Pepsi Cola, Grant Thornton, AutoGlass, Kotahi, and The French National Railway are just a few of its success stories!

Low Code applications quickly reveal increased scope to drive revenues, deliver operational excellence and reduce cost.

With Low-code in your tech-arsenal, You too can make similar gains within your organisation...

There has never been a better time to invest in your team and transfrom them into Citizen Developers!

  • Autoglass

Autoglass uses Low-code

By utilising Low-code, Autoglass benefited from increased revenues and operational savings.

The company realised the innovation employees in their business bought into and brought to the table when they unleashed their Citizen Developers, by creating basic apps their innovation delivered streamlined operations, and better collaboration.

They launched Power Automate and Power Apps, with their Weekly Vehicle Safety Condition Checklist app giving an additional $1.66 million per year of potential revenue, and their Technical Helpdesk app in-house saved the company $40,000 a year.

These are numbers not to be dismissed, at any level.

artificial intelligence cutting edge technology
artificial intelligence automation
  • Pepsi

Pepsico uses Low-code

A seven-person team at Pepsico built applications to automate their store audit and merchandising process using Microsoft Power Apps, Power BI, and Microsoft Power Automate.

With no previous app-development experience they created auditing apps that saved the company $500,000

They created their own Parking Lot mobile App, drivers recieve a text message with loading and bay instructions. It was built in 1 day!

And, they created a Power Automate Flow to send usage data to users driving down data expenses by $5000 a month!

Why Low-code with Superluminal?

We are able to help you scale and replicate the tremendous revenue generation and savings possible in your organisation using Low-code.

By working in absolute unity with you, we listen to your requirements carefully and diligently so that we can train and guide you on how to get most from Low-code solutions.

To take your solutions way beyond your competitors, we help you embed advanced AI technology within our industry leading Low-code technology.

Helping to maintaining the Low Code impact in your organisation, to continually drive high value and bring absolute piece of mind, once you design and build your solution, we provide fully tailored continuous support and maintenance.

Contact us to today, find out how you can embrace opportunity to create a clear space between you and your competitors with Low-code solutions.

Through discussions with us we can show you examples of how SME businesses in the UK are lveraging the power of Low-Code



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