Start-up Software Development

Applying our extensive expertise to create a clear pathway that delivers high impact results, with low risk...

A safe and secure start with Superluminal

With extensive experience of working with more than 10 Start-up technology businesses, our leading designers and proven processes move seamlessly from feasibility, design, to delivery. By matching the right technology to your needs, you can be confident that you are in the safest of hands.

By using the best Cloud based support, this vital element ensures your ideas are brought to life with full security and reliability. These essential Cloud based backend services are designed to complement your products functions.

With our commanding Cloud, Web and Mobile, and Software as a Service Applications (SaaS) we deliver highly stable solutions that support high demand processes such as payments, push notifications, databases, and authentication (login) systems and many other key business requirements such as Artificial Intelligence integration.

Cost effective, leading product design

As no two products are the same, we scale your project to maximise your budget. With our advice, you ensure a high return on your investment, without compromising quality. As part of our evaluation, we select the best supporting technologies that match exactly to your products requirements.

You can see exactly how your product will look and feel, as our world class designers bring ideas to life by constructing wireframes, user stories and clear designs.

With agreement for our project signed off, we move to building a prototype or Minimal Viable Product.

Your Start-up ideas brought to life

So, you and your partners have your big idea, you have a super strong team, funding is available or in hand, so what happens next?

Superluminal can help and guide you, and formulate a plan to drive you forward faster than light!

It's all about the pitch!

If your start-up involves a type of digital software product to get your ideas pitched to investors you will either need a prototype, or a minimal viable product (MVP). Our Cloud, App, or Web Software skills will be a fundamental part of this.

We guide you on a strictly staged approach to feature design. This ensures we focus resources into creating the most valuable MVP, without unnecessary features, moving you forward in the most productive way possible.

We help you to decide which is the most appropriate channel for initial distribution, for example you may want to start with only the Android platform as it's easier to test and distribute early versions.

With a laser focused working Prototype or MVP from Superluminal, you can place your idea in front of a test audience or into the marketplace to discover if your users love it, ensure it offers a great experience and has strong commercial potential.

startup it's all about the pitch

The Superluminal Core Software Process

With success after success, this Video demonstrates how we traverse a software project as a Client's technology partner...

Discover how we scrutinize all aspects of a client's software project, moving from initial ideas/discussion to the final live release...

We also reveal and highlight key aspects of our Software Design, Build, Test, Release, and Maintain sub processes...

We sincerley hope you find this Video informative, but please remember this is a generic journey for illustrative purposes, no two projects are ever the same, and each project will follow it's own unique and individual path.


startup your product with superluminal quality assurance

Your product with Superluminal quality assurance

Working with Superluminal on your start-up project will ensure you are always in experienced, safe, and ultra-reliable hands.

By working with us, you are assured that you are working with a UK based business, which is focused on you, providing consistent and valuable advice as we develop your product. We manage all development with our team of well proven talent. Your product is created to the strictest of standards, as our robust process and systems ensure quality of design, and prevents spiralling costs, unrealistic scope creep, delays, and further cost that wreaks havoc on your budgets and cashflows.

Our handpicked developers have worked with us for many years, and our project portfolio is testament to this relationship and the capability of our team and processes.

All our developers are full time on our projects unless required otherwise. Our global talent pool enables us to respond quickly to the demands of your business.

Which of our core Microsoft & Xamarin development skill's does your product require?

We have a truly diverse set of software development skills available

Unlike other software vendors we focus soleley on the Microsoft Stack of Technologies.

As a result of this relationship we benefit from best in breed tooling, direct 24/7 support, preview programs and inside track training and knowledge access.

We are super proud to be a Microsoft & Xamarin Authorised Partner, and we feel super privileged to work with our clients on their start-up projects.

Our Super Start-up Process

Utilising our now well-honed and successful process we aim to empower you with the knowledge and certainty to move your ideas forward.

The very first thing we do is work with you to secure your valuable IP. As an absolute first step, for both our peace of mind, we will firstly exchange industry standard Non-Disclosure agreements.

We appreciate that as a start-up you will need expert help and advice. Initially we organise a kick off meeting to discuss your idea/concept, and give you clear advice on its technological viability, and crucially, if its already been done elsewhere.

We will then give you some further advice, typically via email, as to the specifics of your idea, and how we might go about bringing it to life.

Engage Superluminal to undertake your project

Our approach will maximise your budget and provides a clear direction for you. Our first stage is free and the resulting core, non-detailed, rough estimation work is also free.

Moving to our next stage we produce a full Project Plan. This fee based stage, creates firm technical and commercial structure, and defines the project roadmap. Your investment in this full evaluation and technical review ensures you can confidently work with stakeholders and investors.

Evolving from our Project Plan, we set clear milestones for development and fees, so you can budget and manage your cashflows effectively. You will have clarity on all aspects of how we will work together, including how we will provide consultancy to safeguard all stages of your investment and our fees for doing this.

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