Funding your Superluminal Software Project

We can help you to locate and work with a number of key finance providers that are actively seeking businesses like yours to fund.

Funding your software project

Balancing growth with confident cashflow management is one of the ongoing tough decisions every entrepreneur and business leader needs to make. Striking the balance between futureproofing your company and keeping the bank manager happy is vital to your continuous evolution.

As part of our comprehensive business led approach, we can guide you towards a number of software development project funding schemes that you can apply for to get that extra step ahead of your competitors.

With a keen eye on maximizing return on investment, our expert, world-leading designers maximise the potential of your budget to ensure you see real benefits from the work we do. This makes working with us a key element of your growth strategy.

The available funding can help to speed your ideas to reality, by using technology as an integral part of driving your busines forward.

Your Funding Options

If you want to incorporate scalable cloud development systems, AI integration, voice driven apps and more into your arsenal,
you can find links below to funding solutions that could help you nurture your evolving business needs.

By demonstrating how integral technology advances will be to the future growth and prosperity of your business,
these funding bodies will assess how they can help to make this a reality.

We at Superluminal can then make your project or start-up a reality by working in partnership with you.

  • Funding Circle

Funding Circle

More than 90,000 businesses have borrowed funds from Funding Circle’s investors, totalling a staggering £10 billion. One real positive is that the process is extremely simple. You check your eligibility in 30 seconds (without affecting your credit score), apply in just ten minutes, get your decision and a personalised quote sometimes in just five hours and then, after a few final checks, have the money in your business account, ready to get to work with us.

Take a look at Funding Circle’s website to find out how to apply right now.


  • Clearco


Clearco is on a mission to invest £500 million with UK e-commerce brands over the next year, and some of that could be yours to transform the way you work and interact with your customers. More than 3,300 businesses have shared over £700 million so far across three different funding options.

Take a look at Clearco’s website to find out how to apply right now.


  • Government

UK Government

It is in the UK Government’s interest to support businesses as they grow, as more sales and quicker expansion equals a greater return in taxes and increased employment opportunities. This is why they offer a couple of different funding options that allow you to thrive with new, tailor-made and advanced software.

There are four venture capital schemes in operation, depending on the type of funding you require and the kind of business that you run. The different funds offer different maximum amounts for investment and you can check the government website to find out which most suits your enterprise.

Take a look at the UK Government website to find out how to apply right now.


  • Local Support

Local Support

Another way of finding business funding is through local authorities and other investor groups. Your local council, enterprise partnership or growth hub may offer grants or loans to help businesses improve and update their systems.

They are particularly keen to back growing businesses and being able to pitch to them that you will be investing the funding in our services will show how serious you are about scaling up. Search your local authority’s site for more details and availability.

For example, for business based in Oxfordshire take a look at OxLep’s website to find out how to apply right now.


Equity Release Partnership

An alternative to taking out business loans or applying for funding elsewhere is to take advantage of our equity release partner programme. We can reduce our fee for share capital in your business.

This saves you having to spend time writing pitches and bids which is the case with many forms of funding.

It also shows our commitment to our work, as our return is related to the value we add to your business.

This could be the start of a beautiful partnership....

We will consider each case on an individual basis, using metrics such as financial viability to work out the best way forward for both parties.

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