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Un-precedented Computing Power, Reliability and Security at the very centre of your business, only with Microsoft Azure ...

Microsoft Azure & Superluminal

Microsoft Azure is a future-ready Cloud hosting fabric that allows us to create highly secure and user friendly cloud services for your business. It is without question the backbone on which your business can build, scale and flex to surpass your customers every need.

We use Microsoft Azure to build, test, run and manage apps and their supporting services in the Cloud. This ultra-powerful hosting solution understands and supports all manner of languages and frameworks, whether originating from Microsoft or from third-parties, making it a super flexible solution for building Superluminal software solutions with.

Azure unleashed is incredibly fast and responsive, highly secure, & fully accredited by Goverments around the Globe including the UK, USA, China.

Azure customers also benefit from to the millisecond real time analytics and insights, industry leading relational or flat database services, mobile app services and support, unparalleled cyber secuirty protection, the most feature rich and uber powerful AI available on the globe, and unlimited storage & computing power at your fingertips. The future is here today! Not tommorow! With Microsoft Azure.

There has never been a better time to embrace the power of the Microsoft Azure Cloud in your business.

microsoft azure

Trusted and loved by the very best!

You can tell the quality of a computing solution by the company it keeps. With 95% of Fortune 500 companies trusting Azure to build their platforms, you know that it must be good. That also tells you what you need to know about the scalability and the awesome capabilities of its solutions.

It runs on a truly global infrastructure network of more than 160 data centres, with the ability to free up capacity across the network to keep systems running at full force wherever they are needed, regardless of the demands your app or system might place upon it.

This is why prestige global businesses such as eBay, Samsung, Boeing, and UPS make amazing use of its many industry superior features.

Why Use Microsoft Azure to Boost Your Business?

Azure runs on some of the most powerful tech around, meaning it can handle even the most complex of tasks and your apps will run super smoothly, no matter how many processes you throw at it.

This amazing ability to handle everything from the simplest to the most complex app workload is exactly why we choose to work with Microsoft Azure.

In a world where literally every last nano second counts, there really is only Microsoft Azure as the platform to underpin your business.

Microsoft Azure features you can take advantage of include:

Work With Us to Unlock the Power of Microsoft Azure

Why should my business work with Superluminal and Microsoft Azure?

With Microsoft Azure powering your business, its apps, your AI, you can be sure of a safe and secure experience for your customers as well as protection from hackers. Security is a top priority and Azure has it covered with the Azure Sentinal.

If you want increased and easier collaboration, then this is the platform for you. Whether you wish to use Azure as a customer facing tool or an internal cloud-based solution for example improving communication and streamlining solutions between colleagues, talk to us about your requirements today.

The sheer flexibility and scope of this hosting fabric means that we can use it to create any solution that your business requires.

Don’t be afraid to ask. If you need it, we can do it with Microsoft Azure. Get in contact today and set us a challenge!

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We would be very happy to show you examples of how SME businesses in your area are benefitting from our Microsoft Azure powered advanced software solutions.


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