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Are you looking to maximise your sales potential with an ‘eBay’ style trading platform, where you can advertise and sell your products and services to an online community, who buy through the dynamics of bidding?

Are you building the next E-Bay?

Online auctions are a very popular and faster way to sell than other more traditional channels. The e-commerce and digital online auction space value is expected to increase at an annual rate of 13.5% over the next five years (2021) to a staggering £48 billion!

Our extensive experience and skills bring your online auction aspirations to life. We are perfectly placed to advise on and build a fully branded, state of the art, scalable digital auction platform to take advantage of this HUGE revenue generating opportunity.

Here at Superluminal we have proven experience in designing, building, and supporting business to grow their revenues and customer base with our bespoke trading platforms.

To provide peace of mind our Digital Auction platforms embed secure payments, fair bidding and data protection as standard. With Superluminal, your brand is protected with full integration with payment providers such as Stripe, anti-sniping software to prevent last minute snap bidding, and 100% GDPR and PCI compliance.

You remain in control your business auctions and online trading, as each platform we build encompasses a fully featured backend administration portal.

With high visibility, your trading potential is maximised through our emphasis on Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). We ensure your auctions can be found easily, as we use dynamic meta data to hit key SEO vectors.

superluminal building the next ebay

Create exciting auctions for your customers

Digital auctions drive a fun user experience, generates high revenues and gathers insights about your customers.

Maximising your marketing potential is core element of these types of trading platforms, as in addition to their popularity for fast and profitable selling, Digital Auctions generate a large collection of fresh, validated, and highly valuable user data that can deliver insights for your sales and marketing.

You have total control as a Superluminal online auction platform utilises a broad range of metrics and adjustments for your auctions.

Working with you, we tailor your use of key features such as secure user logins and areas, reserve pricing, live count down timers, favourites, fixed and minimum bids, bid increments, instant offer, email and push alerts.

Your customers can access your auctions from all devices as we ensure full mobile compatibility and usability.

Keep a close track of all platform activity

Need more time? No problem, take advantage of a time extend function! Need to change the order of the lots and when they end? No problem! It’s only a few clicks away!

As your auctions progress, enjoy peace of mind that automated processes are updating bidders with up to the second information!

Once an auction is over, access full reporting, and sit back with confidence as automated processes deliver the relevant documentation to the winning bidder.

Artificial Intelligence Powered Auction platform's

Available across mobile, desktop, voice, the possibilities for this radical new technology will inspire new thinking for your business to create true competitive advantage.

There are many potential areas in an Auction platform that can benefit from the power of Microsoft AI, for example an AI BOT could interact with your auctions participants, taking their bids, and updating them on other bids.

Utilising such a voice to text driven user interface, we can help you build the next wave of smart and conversational applications for your Auction platform.

As a Microsoft AI Solution Provider, Superluminal has access to the very latest Microsoft frameworks to build your business an AI powered Auction Platform.

We can help you and your business achieve automation levels unattainable before, and all at the speed of light!

  • Amazon Alexa
  • Google Assistant

How secure will my online Auction Platform be?

Security is the primary concern of an online auction platform, and a Superluminal Auction Platform meets significant, and stringent standards to enable global trading.

You are assured of a robust trading platform, as our solutions are built on the Microsoft Azure Platform, arguably the most secure Cloud platform available today.

Secure payment support is extensive as we use global leaders such as Stripe, WorldPay, Square, PayPal, SagePay, Amazon. All of these payment methods and API’s use the strongest of encryption available in the region they operate to protect you and your visitor’s data such as credit cards, and passwords.

Data security is assured with full GDPR compliance, and PCI DSS compliance is not only met but surpassed. Framework security is provided by Microsoft supporting SSL/TLS secure browsing, founded on a strong customer and admin user password policy, with full EU and UK cookie compliance.

All data is reliant on your master key to unlock access. As all data transferred in and out of the platform and database is encrypted as standard, without your master key, your data is of no value or use to a third party.

superluminal online auction security

Why Auction and Trade with a Superluminal solution?

We already have experience in building and maintaining these types of platforms, and you can rest assured we will ensure to mitigate and minimise all and every risk.

Your customers will enjoy a responsive and flexible experience, which will advance to advance your brand and deliver clear competitive advantage.

Working in absolute unity with you, we listen to your requirements carefully and diligently model a bespoke Digital Auction Platform for your precise needs.

By embedding advanced AI capabilities, which are specific to the auction space, with a distinctive customer experience, you will create a clear space between you and your competitors.

We offer fully tailored support and ongoing maintenance to bring absolute piece of mind.

Contact us to today, find out how you can embrace this revenue generating opportunity, and create clear space to move your business ahead of those around you.

We would be very happy to show you examples of how SME businesses in your area are benefitting from our online Digital Auction software development services.


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