Microsoft Office 365 Development

Un-leash the true power and unlimited potential of the Microsoft Office 365 development eco-system to radically evolve your business...

Microsoft Office 365 Development

With data held within Microsoft Office / 365 suite, in applications such as Word, Excel, Outlook, etc. and also including Teams and SharePoint, we ensure your access to insights about your business quickly and effectively through fast and intuitive access to your company data-sphere.

Superluminal can work with you and your team to quickly, and easily access all of your Microsoft Azure based data and build solid, reliable, and user-friendly apps across your entire Office landscape with the aim to free up your users from all manner of mundane and repetitive tasks.

By working within the Microsoft Azure framework, security is exactly the same as it is elsewhere in your Azure based organisation. This means we safeguard data access, so only the right user gets secure data access, with strict control processes. Access is therefore restricted to your authorised team members, only as and when they need.

We use this capability to allow full integration with Microsoft Azure, SQL Server, and the Microsoft Graph to access all of your Microsoft data within all of your applications.

Superluminal are members of the Microsoft 365 Partner Developer Program. This for example, gives us access early to inside information only available to Microsoft approved partners which we then help you to assimilate into your business, and drive your competitive advantage.

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Core features of Office 365 Development

Microsoft Graph Apps

We work with you to establish connections across your eco-system, using Microsoft Graph to interact with the potential data of millions of users in the Microsoft Azure cloud.

Using Microsoft Graph Superluminal build intuitive and valuable apps for your organisation or consumers, which securely connect to a wealth of resources, relationships, and intelligence.

Office Add-ins

You can streamline your information flows and team collaborations using dynamic interactive apps and documents are created by utilising the Office Add-ins platform. We build bespoke software solutions that extend Office applications and interact with content in Office documents.

By using a bespoke Superluminal plugin, you can run Office across multiple platforms, including Office for Windows, Office Online, Office for the Mac, and Office for the iPad.

SharePoint & Microsoft Office 365 integration

You can respond quickly to the needs of your business. The SharePoint Framework utilises contemporary web technologies to build productive experiences and apps that are responsive and mobile-ready out of the box.

A SharePoint Add-in is a self-contained piece of functionality that extends the capabilities of SharePoint web apps to solve a well-defined business problem.

office 365 development

Super Smart Office 365 Development with Microsoft Artificial Intelligence

With Microsoft AI infused Office 365 Development we can help you to put light years of distance between you and your competitors.

By combining the power of Microsoft AI with Microsoft Azure and the latest Office 365 technology, we're working with clients to gain a huge edge over their competitors.

Using powerful Microsoft AI, analyse your work habit data, for example dissect how you spend time between meetings and emails in MyAnalytics.

Harness the power of AI to read out your email and schedule, or use your voice to schedule or change a meeting, all within Outlook!

In Excel you can query your data with your voice, and get intuitive, data-driven answers without writing a single formula!

Create Powerpoint slide decks that Design and build themsleves with the power of Microsoft Office and Microsoft AI!

Translate text or documents into 60+ different languages in Word! Using Machine Learning, the translation does not lose meaning.

There has never been a better time to explore the possibility of integrating AI into your Office 365 with the help of Superluminal.

  • Word
  • MS Excel
  • MS Powerpoint
  • MS Teams
  • Skype
  • MS Sharepoint
  • MS Outlook
  • MS Onenote
  • MS Onedrive
  • MS Yammer

The Superluminal Core Software Process

With success after success, this Video demonstrates how we traverse a software project as a Client's technology partner...

Discover how we scrutinize all aspects of a clients software project, how we progress from initial ideas / discussions to the final live release...

We also reveal and highlight key aspects of our Software Design, Build, Test, Release, and Maintain sub processes...

We sincerley hope you find this Video informative, but please remember this is a generic journey for illustrative purposes, no two projects are ever the same, and each project will follow it's own unique and individual path.


Why work with us?

By listening to you and your team we discover how your business operates at a detailed level. We then use that information to empower your organisation and deliver a number of valuable business benefits, tailored precisely to you and your team.

By working with Superluminal you will benefit from our extensive experience and knowledge in driving results using Office 365’s full capabilities.

Having tried and tested many of the Office 365 Apps capabilities in our business, this first-hand experience provides confidence you need, as we transfer this knowledge into the heart of your business.

You will benefit from new features that will directly impact into your business. With our early access to new features and capabilities from Microsoft which, through our status of Microsoft 365 Development Partner we test and embed within our business, we will help you will gain an excellent competitive advantage.

We would be very happy to show you examples of how SME businesses in your area are benefitting from Office 365 Development.

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Super skilled Software Development

Because we are Software Engineers we understand software across a number of very different sub realm's, at a hetrogenous and agnostic level.

Our engineer's knowledgebase has evolved over decades within the Software Industry, across many differing and diverse frameworks and techniques.

This gives us a distinct and clear key advantage over many other vendors, the almost unique, and well proven ability to understand precisely how your project will be constructed, and in the correct technology.

Such a crucial decision can only be trusted to those with such a rich history in Software Engineering.

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