Diagnostic Connections

E-Commerce AI Chat Bot Integration project, utilising Microsoft AI

The Requirement

Diagnostic Connections are based in Reading, UK, and are a leading distributor for Automotive Diagnostic equipment, Vehicle re-mapping files, and other related products.

Building off the back of their success with the E-Commerce platform Superluminal designed and built for Diagnostics Connections, the company's owners were keen to explore further options to improve efficiency and effectiveness of their online operations and customer service.

The business is rapidly growing daily, and as a result, so are the online sales and marketing platform traffic and revenue.

That translates to an increase in website contact form enquiries, website chat, calls, support, and emails to process. All of which require increasing amounts of additional staff time and effort and a recognised investment in a technology based solution.

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Our Solution

  • Omni-Channel AI Chat BOT: As the business is already connected to a number of online channels, it made perfect sense to design and build an Omni-Channel Artificial Intelligence Chat BOT surfaced across Web, Mobile, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp etc. Using Omni-channel AI, all the channels connected will output the same UI, answers, and content, in a clear and consistent experience for the user, saving on development costs across each of those multiple channels.
  • Azure Knowledgebase: The business has hundreds of products for sale on their E-commerce solution, and a not insignificant amount of other key data and information that a visitor may request or query. Using Microsoft tools, we imported their website data and product data into the knowledgebase and trained the Omni-Channel AI Chat BOT to recognise and answer key queries. We added further data to handle queries outside of that data, and added custom data specific to the type of questions the company typically fields on a day to day basis. We then added buttons and navigation logic, and gave the Omni-Channel AI Chat BOT some personality with pre built chit chat data so it would respond to user in a polite and helpful manner for queries outside the domain knowledge of the business.
  • Hand off / Call feature: The Omni-Channel AI Chat BOT has been designed with a hand off to human integration and if required the visitor can request a call, or request to make a call direct to the business via their telephone system.

The result

  • Self administered: Once setup and deployed, the Azure knowledgebase and Chat BOT queries and responses can be updated by the business, without assistance from Superluminal. The Cloud based UI also notifies an admin when questions have been asked that the Chat BOT has no answer for, and an admin can fill in the blanks to improve the experience for future visitors and automatically re-train the Chat BOTs core knowledgebase.
  • Rich Custom UI and E-Commerce integration: Using data from their E-Commerce Solution, the BOT is programmed to respond with a rich UI, for example when surfacing a product, a short desription, images and links to the product are displayed. On clicking the link, the E-commerce solution will then navigate to the product page on behalf of the visitor.
  • Fixed Low Cost: Becuase the Omni-Channel AI Chat BOT is deployed to an Azure App Service, the resources required can start from less than £10 a week depnding on where its deployed. Where in the world can you employ a multitude of Customer Service Agents for that cost and duration? Potentiall answering queries 24hrs a day, 7 days a week! Simply and undeniably nowhere! An Omni-Channel AI Chat BOT can service many users concurrently, and can scale up to more users on demand at additonal cost!

The Project is scheduled for Q3 2023.

At time of writing, the Superluminal solution is currently in stage 2 final build and testing and Diagnostic Connections are 100% delighted with the results. Following a stage 1 iteration, the design was evolved and extended to meet with additional scope required.

Superluminal have also designed a branded Custom UI for the Chat BOT, and designed and built a Custom UI for the integration into the Superluminal E-commerce solution.

We are SUPER excited to deploy the stage 2 version, and Diagnostic Connections are looking forward to saving as much staff time and effort as possible, and deploying those uber valuable resources elsewhere in the business.

Future enhancements are also being planned, such as direct dial Teams calling, and extending to further channels.

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