Power Virtual Assistant design and Cloud Portal integration Project, utilising Microsoft AI

The Requirement

Having engaged Superluminal to design and build a new CMS Wesbite and Cloud Portal for their official prospective vendor and distributor channels, the company's Founders and UK Sales Manager we're inisitent on effective digital efficiency of a sign-up, onboarding and ongoing support function.

As the sole distributor of the TopDon product range in the UK, and even as a relatively young business they are growing at an astonishing rate.

That increasing growth translates to an increase in sign-ups from new vendors or distributors, on-boarding those new users, and then supporting them within the TopDon Portal.

Already busy and requiring key staff attention and effort, automating as much of these functions as possible was a key investment strategy.

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Our Solution

  • Power Virtual Assistant: As a digital first business, TopDon UK utilises a key vendors and distributors portal that supports the ongoing needs of their growing client base in the UK. Unlike their Top Don Omni Channel AI Bot for pre sign-up service via the website, this aspect of the business is less complicated from a channel setup perspective, and only needs to be integrated with the Top Don Cloud Portal, also built by Superluminal. To align to that scope, Superluminal designed the solution as a Web based Power Virtual Assistant. With Automated service to the hundreds of vendors and distributors, the Virtual Assistant will orchestrate a number of key savings of staff time and resources.
  • Azure Knowledgebase: The business has a range of key products, and with those products a need to access key technical data and information that a vendor or distributor may request or query from the business at any time of day. Using Microsoft tools, we import key distributor, file, product data into a knowledgebase and train the Virtual Assistant to recognise and answer key queries on that data. We add further bespoke data to handle standard domain queries outside of imported data, and add further custom data specific to questions the staff identify as typical on a day to day basis. We then assign the Power Virtual Assistant some personality with pre built chit chat which helps to handle queries made outside of the imported knowledge and to respond in a polite and helpful manner. We then catalogue and build buttons and navigation logic to assist a user with multiple choice answers which is key in a Power Virtual Assistant.
  • Hand off / Call feature: The Power Virtual Assistant has been designed with a hand off to human integration and if required the visitor can request a call, or request to make a call direct to the business via their telephone system.

The result

  • Self administered: Once setup and deployed, the Azure knowledgebase and Power Virtual Assistant queries and responses can be updated by the business, without assistance from Superluminal. The Cloud based UI also notifies an admin when queries have been made the Power Virtual Assistant in unable to answer, and an admin can fill in the blanks to improve the experience for future visitors and automatically re-train the Power Virtual Assistants core knowledgebase.
  • Rich Custom UI: Using data from their website, the Power Virtual Assistant is built to respond with a rich UI, for example when surfacing a product, key data, images and a link to the product are displayed. On clicking the link in the Power Virtual Assistant, the Portal will then navigate for example to the product page on behalf of the user.
  • Pay as you go: A Power Virtual Assistant is billed to the client on a pay as you go tarrif deisgned for SME businesses, only paying for the data and cpu usage as and when the Power Virtual Assitant is active.

The Project is scheduled for release Q3 2023.

Superluminal have designed a branded Custom UI for the Virtual Assitant, and designed and built a Custom UI for the integration into the TopDon Website and Portal solution from Superluminal.

Both TopDon are Superluminal SUPER excited to deploy the Power Virtual Assistant!

TopDon are anticipating a significant reduction in staff time and resource devoted to routine queries that the Virtual Assistant can handle with ease.

TopDon are are also looking forward to exploring how the Virtual Assitant and Azure Knowledgebase can be put to further use elsewhere in the business.

Future enhancements are also being planned, such as direct dial Teams calling.

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